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Risk Disclosure Statement

Derivative markets such as markets for CFDs can be volatile and carry a high degree of risk. 


We offer CFDs on a range of Underlying Products and each of the types of Underlying Products has risks that are specific to that Underlying Product type, such as with regard to the range and speed of price fluctuations and market liquidity. 


Trading may not be suitable to all members of the public. 


You should carefully consider whether such trading is appropriate for you in light of your experience, objectives, financial recourses and other relevant circumstances and make sure you understand the specific risks associated with each of the types of Underlying Products prior to trading. 


The prices of CFDs may fluctuate rapidly and over wide ranges and will be influenced by, among other factors, the market price of the Underlying Product of the CFD, the performance of the economy as a whole, the changing supply and demand relationships for the Underlying Product or related instruments, governmental, commercial and trade programs and policies, interest rates, national and international political and economic events and the prevailing psychological characteristics of the relevant marketplace.