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By harnessing the power of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, Worldex, established in 2022, has become one of the fastest growing Canadian companies and a world leader in FX and CFD trading.   The future of trading is NOW!  

*All trading carries risk. No profits are guaranted.


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Take the Quantum Leap

With the recent advances in quantum computing, A.I. and blockchain technology, trading the markets has never been more exciting.   Instead of gatekeeping this new technology like the larger, old guard institutions, at Worldex our aim is to bring these exciting new advances to the masses.   We believe this new technology will usher in a new Golden Age of trading and investing, and we strive to help create a more accessible, fair and transparent marketplace for all.
We do this by leveraging the power of quantum computing, the transparency of blockchain technology, and the latest in artificial intelligence to create a trading platform that is truly above the rest.  We offer our clients access to global markets with lightning-fast execution, full transparency and competitive pricing.  Our automated trading bot has proven to outperform the market at every turn with speed and precision, leaving the old trading models in the dust, giving our clients the competitive edge they need in today’s fast paced market.

User-Friendly Platform

Our trading platform is comprehensive yet user friendly.  Whether you want to trade with one of our qualified experts, on your own, or with our automated trading bot, our platform provides access to the global CFD marketplace with an interface that is easy to use and understand.  
Worldex strives to provide even ground to retail traders with the speed and precision of quantum computing and the transparency and reliability of blockchain technology.  Our AI scrubs vast amounts of market data, continuously updating market forecasts so you can stay ahead of the curve with fast, reliable and actionable information at the touch of a button.  

Understanding Quantum Computing

The field of quantum computing emerged in the 1980s. It was discovered that certain computational problems could be tackled more efficiently with quantum algorithms than with their classical counterparts.


Quantum computing has the capability to sift through huge numbers of possibilities and extract potential solutions to complex problems and challenges. Where classical computers store information as bits with either 0s or 1s, quantum computers use qubits. Qubits carry information in a quantum state that engages 0 and 1 in a multidimensional way.


Quantum computing is now contributing greatly to the field of finance.  Financial institutions utilizing quantum computers are now able to design more effective and efficient trading strategies for retail and institutional clients.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

AI is an area of computer science that emphasises on the creation of intelligent machines that work and perform tasks like humans. These machines are able to teach themselves, organise and interpret information to make predictions based on this information. It has therefore become an essential part of technology in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Industry, and is changing the way products and services are offered.

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital database that allows storing records of certain operations simultaneously on many computers. This technology contains digital information – data on transactions, contracts, contact databases – held in the form of consecutive interconnected blocks. 




In the financial services industry, blockchain helps to completely revise the existing structure of banks, speed up transactions, and modernize stock exchanges with proper security.   



The lack of transparent and clear rules of the old financial system makes the system vulnerable, provoking systematic errors and misinterpretation of information.


Blockchain technology helps to solve most of these problems and significantly reduce financial risks, as well as increasing speed and reducing costs of financial transactions.

Take the Quantum Leap

Take your trading to the next level by harnessing the power of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Join the technological revolution. The future of trading is NOW.



Investing in CFDs involves a high degree of risk that you will lose your money due to the use of leverage, particularly in fast moving markets, where a relatively small movement in the price can lead to a proportionately larger movement in the value of your investment. This can result in loses that exceed the funds in your account. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and you should seek independent advice if necessary